Perfect for artists, photographers, designers, architects, engineers, surveyors, collectors and print ad specialists:

  • Artwork

  • Photographs

  • Commemorative posters, drawings and prints

  • Blueprints and architectural plans

  • Newspaper and magazine articles

  • Maps and diagrams

  • Restaurant menus

  • Large format documents

Great for presentations, storage and organization

  • Photo, toner and ink jet-safe

  • Exclusive crystal-clear PolyGlass polypropylene material

  • Helps resist dust and moisture

  • Rigid, acid free mounting board included

  • Protective flap to secure contents

The Art Profolio®  brand imagEnvelope®  Storage with PolyGlass combines the flexibility of a presentation sleeve with an archival storage envelope.  Made with ITOYA's exclusive, crystal clear PolyGlass material, the imagEnvelope protects and showcases your most precious artwork and photos. 

Unlike vinyl envelopes, the imagEnvelope with PolyGlass is acid free, PVC free and lignin free, making it perfect for long term storage of photography.  And while archive safe, the ITOYA PolyGlass material is crystal clear without the cloudy and milky appearance found on other normal polypropylene envelopes. 

Featuring a small protective flap to secure and safeguard contents, the imagEnvelope Storage is perfect for professional artists and photographers who need to show and store their creations.  A heavy gauge, acid free mounting board is included with every imagEnvelope Storage. 

Available in eleven popular art and photo sizes.

Item# Sizes
AE-4-6 4" x 6"
AE-5-7 5" x 7"
AE-8-10 8" x 10"
AE-8-11 8-1/2" x 11"
AE-9-12 9" x 12"
AE-11-14 11" x 14"
AE-11-17 11" x 17"
AE-13-19 13" x 19"
AE-14-17 14" x 17"
AE-18-24 18" x 24"
AE-24-36 24" x 36"

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