The NEW option in presentation!

  • Affix items directly to rigid & heavy stock paper boards

  • Perfect for use with textured papers, digital printer sheets and canvas

  • Unobstructed view of your artwork or photo

  • Pre-drilled holes for easy use with Art Profolio® brand Multi-Ring binders (RM, HRM, RB & HB) as well as standard binders

  • Available in portrait & landscape formats


The new option in presentation: The Art Profolio® Multi-Ring Mounting Boards.  Show off your art and photographs without the sheen of traditional poly pocket sleeves.  The new Mounting Boards allow items to be affixed directly to the rigid and heavy stock paper boards.  Each archival safe black acid free board comes pre-drilled with multi-ring holes for easy use with the Art Profolio brand Multi-Ring binders (RM, HRM, RB and HB). 

Perfect for use with textured papers, digital printer sheets and canvas; the Multi-Ring Mounting Boards allow for an unobstructed view of the artwork or photo.  The boards are rigid enough to use by themselves for show-and-tell presentations.  Simply put them back into the Art Profolio Multi-Ring Binder for easy transportation and protection. 

The matte black finish on the Mounting Boards gives a clean, subtle border for popular paper sizes and ensures that your work is the star!


Item# Sizes
MRMB-8-11 8-1/2" x 11" Portrait
MRMB-9-12 9" x 12" Portrait
MRMB-11-14 11" x 14" Portrait
MRMB-11-17 11" x 17" Portrait
MRMB-13-19 13" x 19" Portrait
MRMB-14-17 14" x 17" Portrait
MRMB-11-8 11" x 8" Landscape
MRMB-14-11 14" x 11" Landscape
MRMB-17-11 17" x 11" Landscape

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