Available in Black and Frost
Item# Sizes
SL-811 8-1/2” x 11”  Portrait
SLH-118 11" x 8-1/2" Landscape
SLH-1711 17" x 11" Landscape
SLH-1913 19" x 13" Landscape

The Art Profolio® SwingLock Art & Photo Presentation Folder is the ideal way to safely carry around a few of your most important photographs and artwork. Sometimes you don’t need a full presentation book and the SwingLock Art & Photo Presentation Folder is a great new option for carrying just a few sheets.

Featuring an opaque black or frosted translucent cover, the SwingLock Art & Photo Presentation Folder securely locks in materials inside the folder through ITOYA’s exclusive Polycarbonite clip (Pat. pending). Made from the same material used to construct cockpit canopies on modern fighter jets, the SwingLock clip holds up to ten standard sheets of paper tightly without any “memory effect”, meaning you can reuse the folder no matter how many pages you put back in.

Cheap report covers with flimsy clips that stay open after they’ve been used can’t measure up to the durable SwingLock Art & Photo Presentation Folder. Available in Black and Frost in the most popular digital imaging sizes: 8.5x11 Portrait, 11x8.5 Landscape, 17x11 Landscape and 19x13 Landscape.



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