Permanent Ink Marker

The ITOYA Doubleheader CD & Photo Permanent Marker is just as sophisticated as the CDs and DVDs they're made for. Featuring a specially formulated ink, the Doubleheader CD & Photo Marker will not damage the sensitive plastic from which high tech CDs and DVDs are made from. Designed to sit on the surface of the CD, ITOYA's exclusive non-toxic ink formula will not seep into the CD material, causing long term damage to the stored data.

The Doubleheader CD & Photo lays down a thick and rich black line which will not "thin out" like most permanent markers. Once fully dry, the durable permanent ink will stay on the CD and is water resistant. Ideal for use on other smooth surfaces like film, photos, plastic, glass and metal. Perfect for use as a photo autograph pen. 

As with all Doubleheader Markers, the CD & Photo features two points in one pen for the ultimate in utility and value. A bold tip for thick lines; a bullet tip for thin lines. For marking on non-data, top side of CD only.
  • Specially formulated CD safe, non-toxic ink
  • Will not damage CD and DVD plastic
  • Safe for long term use on CDs without effecting data
  • Marks with bold, rich black lines
  • Ink will not "bubble" or "thin out" like normal permanent markers on CD surfaces
  • Ideal for other smooth surfaces: photo, film, plastic, glass and metal
  • Perfect for use as photo autograph pen


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