Stylus Pen

Stylus Tip • 1.0mm Medium Point • Black Ink • Rubber Grip • Refillable


The Xenon Stylus™ features a revolutionary tech stylus tip for use with all tablet devices and smart phones. The Stylus also houses a retractable ballpoint pen tip hidden inside.  After using the Stylus, click the back plunger like any retractable ball point and a pen tip appears through the stylus. Finish writing like a normal pen, and just as easily retract the pen tip to become a tech stylus once again. No need to flip the pen over, back and forth like most tech stylus and pen combos on the market today.

Like the best selling Xenon™ from ITOYA, the Xenon Stylus showcases the popular and smooth flowing AquaRoller® refill, providing a smooth flowing ink from the broad point 1.0mm tip. With a ribbed rubberized grip for a secure yet comfortable hold. 


STYLUS: For use with all tablet devices and smart phones!    BALLPOINT: Can also be used as a writing instrument!





Available in six vibrant barrel colors:

Amethyst, Emerald, Amber, Thundercloud,
Lava and Ocean


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