Pre-loaded, disposable staple cassettes are designed for use with most ITOYA SWITCH family staplers as well as Etona brand Light Touch EC-3  model cassette staplers. Color-coded for easy size recognition ensures the right size staple for your specific paper binding need. Each cassette contains 200 precision-chiseled, surgical-grade metal staples to effortlessly and consistently drive through paper.
Item# Color of Cassette Capacity

Compatible Staplers

STC-6 Blue 2-30 sheets ST-2, ST-3, ST5, EC-3
STC-8 Yellow  30-50 sheets ST-2, ST-3, ST5, EC-3
STC-10 Green 50-70 sheets ST-3, ST5, EC-3
STC-12 Red 70-100 sheets ST5, EC-3

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